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Trimmed Beak
Overgrown Beak
Annual pet exams can help monitor your pet bird’s health and look for early signs of problems
such as dermatitis, respiratory infection and other pathological conditions.
Your veterinarian can detect problems and give you advice for treating them.
A complete physical exam by your veterinarian is recommended every 6 months.
Beak Trim: Overgrown beaks can cause problems like fractures of the beak, difficulty
eating, and malnutrition. Routine monthly beak evaluations is recommended by your veterinarian.
Your veterinarian will guide you if trimming is necessary during your visits.
Regular lab work allows your veterinarian to assess symptoms he/she cannot see or
feel, such as liver disease, kidney disease and infections.
It is important to do blood work before any anesthetic procedures.
Radiographs are the most common form of imaging used by veterinarians. X rays are
an important tool to evaluate internal organs, bones and joint pathologies.
Physical Exam
X Rays
Blood Work
Beak Trim
Our Grooming package includes: Beak Trim,Wing Trim and Nail Trim.
A DNA laboratory test is the most accurate way to determine avian sex.
DNA Sexing